Sending Artwork

Logo and artwork requirements for PBIS Custom Products

• Please provide logo files in a vector format saved from either Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. (We cannot create your logo from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other presentation files).

• Acceptable file formats include .cdr, .ai, or .eps

• All graphics should be in black and white.

• Please convert all fonts to curves or outlines (or supply all necessary fonts).

• There should be no linked or embedded objects in your file.

• Files may be e-mailed to

• Pictures and Logos need to be high quality .jpg .png or .gif files.

• Minimum Image Size for Uploaded Images:

• All of the images in our collection are at 300 dpi and sized for each individual product. We recommend uploading an image, which after its resized to fit the product, is still above 72 dpi. But we all know, bigger is better.